Brooke Human Resource Solutions offers a wide range of services, and contract options. Whether you simply need a new employee handbook or would like an ongoing contract for services, Brooke Human Resource Solutions has an option for you.


Brooke Human Resource Solutions service contracts are designed to provide right-sized and right-priced services to meet your business needs


Brooke Human Resource Solutions is dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ needs in an appropriate and timely manner. We’re here to help you with your HR needs, so you can focus on building your business.


We’re here to provide you with best possible solutions to any HR issues your business may be facing. Our solutions are personalized to your business size and need. Our promise is to provide you with the legal and compliant solutions you need with knowledge and experience you can trust.

Our Advantages

This list is not exhaustive, all services may be purchased individually or as part of a fixed fee contract


Talent Management

  • Work with management to define needs, as well as write and refine job descriptions as needed.
  • Work with management to develop onboarding and new hire processes and documentation.


Employee Management

  • Assist with documentation of any corrective action, as well as participate in disciplinary meetings as needed.
  • Handle all grievance documentation and follow up with any necessary investigations.
  • Provide salary review and make recommendations for change when needed.
  • Design and plan wellness programs to be implemented by admin staff.



  • Manage internal communications (posting to intranet or email notifications)
  • Manage external communications (media, website assistance, newsletters)



  • Prepare and present internal trainings. Set up any mandatory trainings for new staff and maintain records.
  • Review training options for internal staff, evaluate costs and make recommendations.



  • Provide a complete audit of all payroll processes and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate payroll software.
  • Manage HRIS/Payroll system upgrades or implementations as needed.



  • Complete annual renewal negotiations with broker, provide all necessary census information to providers.
  • Create process documentation and train internal staff on benefits administration, reconciliation of billings and employee enrollments.
  • Answer employee questions as they relate to qualifying events, coverage questions or assistance with STD or LTD claims.
  • Manage 401k plan and be point of contact with 401k provider. Advise on updates to plan and options for improvement.



  • Write and/or update HR policies and procedures, as well as provide support with the process of re-issuing updated terms and conditions and HR policies to your staff.
  • Updates on all the latest changes to Employment Legislation as they happen to ensure you remain completely up to date.
  • Change management – assess risks and advise on communication strategies.



  • A comprehensive audit of existing documents to ensure they are complete and compliant with current state and federal employment legislation and provide feedback with any gaps or issues that may exist.
  • Updated or redrafted employment offers and provide required new hire paperwork.
  • Termination paperwork, review of any severance agreements, exit interviews or other necessary documentation.
  • External vendor evaluation, selection and transition assistance.
  • Develop process documentation and train internal staff on unemployment and workers compensation documentation.