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Full time HR staff may be unaffordable or impractical for many small businesses, but failure to comply with local, state and federal regulations, or maintain necessary employee documentation can be costly.  Based in Madison, Wisconsin, BrookeHR can help you to design benefits programs that enhance recruitment and retention, and build workplace safety and employee wellness initiatives that are invaluable.  Brooke Human Resources Solutions can provide all your Human Resource consulting needs, with custom designed solutions - specific to your small business.

Video Presentations
Ashlie Johnson talks about your business's documentation and why it is so important.

Needing to be an ongoing process, good documentation creates credibility for the
employer by showing that employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner.
Ashlie dives in to what other ways the documentation process can help your business.

Video Presentations
Ashlie Johnson on leveraging technology and social media for recruitment.

Ashlie Johnson of Brooke Human Resource Solutions discusses leveraging technology
and social media for your farm’s recruitment needs. Ashlie describes Recruitment
Marketing Automation (RMA) and how it will measure in actual cost savings. A recruitment
marketing pipeline is a very useful tool in these efforts.

Ashlie Johnson on the importance of understanding generational differences in the work place.

Ashlie Johnson of Brooke Human Resource Solutions talks about employer understanding
of generational differences. She points out that by 2025, three fourths of the workforce
will be millennials. And employers will need to take this in to account when managing
and hiring. Employers are going to need to shift and change. This can put pressure on management.

Ashlie Johnson discusses working with a board when in a dairy cooperative environment.

In this segment of the Ashlie Johnson series, she dives in to the topic of dealing with
CO-OP Board of Directors. Ashlie covers motivating actions and interacting with them. She
advises you to understand the board, provide open, active and frequent communications and
how to set and define expectations of the board. Being proactive and building trust is the key.

Brooke HRS is proud to join with Dairy Business in presenting information critical to successful farming.

Enjoy Part 2 of Dairy Business's Human Resource Series, presenting "Inclusivity and Preventing Harassment on your Farm"

Joel Hastings
of speaks with Ashlie Johnson, owner of Brooke Human Resource Solutions, who gives some valuable insights for dairy businesses.

Human Resources Consultants - Madison WI

Brooke Human Resource Solutions serves the Madison Wisconsin

Many Human Resource consultants are national or regional enterprise-level companies, providing remote services and little direct contact with clients.  HR is a very personal and private aspect of the business world, with employee and employer contact essential to address critical issues.

"We have found Ms. Johnson to be punctual, organized and very capable in the HR and payroll areas.  I can recommend Ms. Johnson to provide any customer with a systematic process that will assist you in your HR/payroll needs."   - David Johnson, President, CEO, Family Service Madison
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"Ashlie is an amazing person and really knows her stuff. She is very helpful and is gifted in how she can bring a place out of the dark and show it how to shine. 5 stars is not enough for how professional and dedicated she is to her clients! "
 - Ash White

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